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Softbox Group is an agency that offers professional consultancy, as well as comprehensive marketing, public relations and special event services. We are supported by a team of young, creative people whose knowledge and experience are based on the long-standing cooperation with the largest global players.

Reliability and punctuality, confidence in our choices based on detailed market analyses, and perfect preparation for praxis-oriented and effective actions in critical situations – the Softbox Group team never makes random decisions. We always determine and open up to the Customer's needs by implementing verified action strategies that have measurable effects, successfully adapting them in real time to the rapidly changing reality.

The long-standing cooperation with global brands provides us with invaluable experience, knowledge and tools that we are able to use both when we execute projects for international corporations and help local companies to develop.

Softbox Group is an agency with an expressive personality, as well as clearly defined aims and philosophy of action...…

…in public relations, where good communication is everything. Therefore, the basis of our work are reliable and close contacts with the Customer, both for internal, external and product PR, and media relations. Using our team's creativity and implementing proven strategies, we then employ those standards to perform the entrusted tasks, and forge preliminary assumptions into coherent and effective actions with measurable results.

…in marketing, where all that matters is a vision of reality carried by a certain product or service. In a world dominated by the new media, communication noise puts the effectiveness of traditional forms of marketing in question. In order to stand out, products and services must become a part of the consumers' awareness. To capture their interest, it is necessary to create a tale, a partial vision of the world they will be able and willing to identify themselves with. That is why modern products and services – to paraphrase the words of Marshall McLuhan – must become the medium themselves. We base our actions on the assumption that all elements of a brand must form a coherent story and communicate a vision of reality that is attractive for the respective target group.

...in the organization of events, where know-how, the competent use of proven solutions and a unique vision is all that counts. Our events always guarantee perfect organization and technical support. Due to our long-standing experience with the organization of prestigious events for global brands and our cooperation with the best subcontractors, we guarantee proven technical solutions and equipment that perfectly fit the event's profile and importance. We choose attractive locations and provide you with the ability to invite the brightest stars in show business and well-known MCs. A creative team and an individual approach to every single assignment make our events stand out above the competition. Your guests will be more than impressed.